Long time ago I wanted to learn more about being a Entrepreneur, how would the journey be like? I tried to do different things and I had a lot of ideas, however I always end up with very complex and large projects. I usually got demotivated in the middle of the road. That make me think that I was losing the opportunity to finish a product and launch it. What would the lessons be after the release of the product?

I decided to make a simple product and learn the process, my new interest wasn’t essentiable in the innovation or complexity of the idea, I just wanted to make something that people would use and learn that process.

Following that approach, I created Mp3Grabby, a simple high performance Youtube to Mp3 converter. It was load balanced with Nginx and I setup a set of Ubuntu servers hosted in Azure and AWS. The whole infrastructure consysted of 14 machines running in the cloud and managed by me and the magic of automation and continuos integration.


High performance

The technology stack was perfect, Node.js + Nginx + Ubuntu + FFMpeg were a killer combination and allow me to handle almost half million of downloads/conversions per month. Nowadays I would probably try Python or Go, but in general that technology decision was good and I didn’t have any problem.

Lessons learned

Analyze data

One of the most importants lessons is the data analysis and decision making based on insights and real data. As most of my users were using desktop devices and Chrome browser, I followed an strategy of developing Chrome extensions to bring traffic to my website.

Know your users

Another important aspect was the knowledge of where do my users come from, that kind of information was very helpful in order to select videos to put in the home page or the playlists, because I used to check top ten bilboard lists.